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Problems with contact lenses

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Posted: Thursday, September 27, 2012 3:00 pm

Problems with vision while wearing contact lenses are often very multifaceted. Usually a mix of problems converge to create vision for the wearer that is not optimal. It is my goal when examining a contact lens wearer to look for issues. Information about the way the lens fits and moves on the eye as well as the lens power it is delivering to the visual system is gathered when the lenses are evaluated. Often a contact lens wearer has no particular concerns when they come in for a routine check-up, but we find a better option that makes wearing contacts more comfortable and gives them better vision than they previously thought possible.

Deposits and wettability can be a problem with modern soft contact lenses. Although contacts have evolved to be very moist and comfortable, the chemistry used has also opened up potential optical problems. The eye can deposit lipids (oils) and proteins that affect tear layer evenness and stability of the lens leading to poor optical performance. The eyelids can become swollen in a way that can’t be seen with the naked eye in response to these issues. Many times the eyes get used to a certain level of discomfort while the brain adapts to less than optimal vision.

If these issues cannot be solved with a typical contact lens, a daily disposable lens often solves them. Just because you prefer glasses-free vision doesn’t necessarily mean it can’t be better.

If you have a question concerning your eyes, ask Dr. Picken directly by going to and select the “Ask the Dr.” link

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