City leaders are trying to come to a consensus on the purchase of new “Welcome to Breckenridge” signage. At issue is whether or not installing an electronic message board sign at the four-way stop at the Minnesota Avenue/Highway 75 intersection would be a distraction to motorists.

It would replace the damaged wooden sign that sits there now.

A resolution for purchasing four signs failed to receive a second motion and wasn’t put to a vote during Monday’s City Council meeting. The city’s Port Authority board discussed the issue during its Wednesday meeting.

“The city council wants to take it back to the finance committee, but there wasn’t an issue with the price,” Mayor Cliff Barth told the board.

Indigo Signworks, Inc., submitted a quote for four signs, including one with an electronic message center, for a total of $74,471.93. Previously, the board agreed to provide 25 percent of the cost, with public utilities paying 25 percent and the city funding the remaining 50 percent.

Barth said the topic had been discussed at every committee, including public works and finance, and nobody had any objections. Once it got to the city council, though, several aldermen questioned the location of the message board sign.

On Monday, Dr. Matt Kammerer said he thought it would create holdups at the intersection while people tried to read it. Leo Kraft said he felt it would be a distraction. Police Chief Nate Harder indicated he had no problem with people reading the sign at the four-way stop, as long as they were stopping.

“As far as I’m concerned, it’s not going to bother a thing,” Barth told the board.

Dennis Larson, public utilities commission, said he also thinks it will be a distraction and doesn’t feel the cost is justified.

“We need to do what’s right for the city to help it grow,” Barth said.

Barth will bring the resolution back to the city council for a vote, he said, when the full council will be in attendance. Alderman Jim Gill was absent from Monday’s meeting and will be again on Monday, Oct. 1.

In other news, Building Codes Inspector Dave Freitag updated the board on the Gewalt Park addition and Heritage South projects. The sanitary sewer is being installed now at Gewalt, Freitag said, and the electric can’t go in until the curbs are done. At the Heritage South addition, the sidewalks were finished up Wednesday afternoon, but he wasn’t sure when the paving would be completed.

The project has an Oct. 1 deadline.

Port Authority meets again at 4 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 10.

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