The Richland County Commission met Monday to get the 2013 budget ready and meet with officials.

One of the most important items was a grant awarded by Homeland Security. Richland County Emergency Manager Brett Lambrecht informed the commission about the grant and how it would apply to Richland county 911 communications. Lambrecht brought four different plans which the grant, totaling $91,512, could be used for. Each plan offers a new communications tower in Barney, N.D., that can support a microwave dish, however the plans do differ on some of the other benefits.

The first plan would total at $121,982, the second at 133,404, the third at $219,238.50 and the fourth at $169,256.50.

After discussing which plan offered both the best results and was most cost effective, the commission went with plan two, which, as well as build the tower in Barney, would also replace the current tower in Hankinson and build a new prefabricated shed to house equipment. After applying the grant to the total cost, the county would be responsible for $41,892. The commission carried a motion to add the $41,892 to the 2013 budget.

County Engineer Tim Schulte also spoke with the commission about a recent assessment done by the Upper Great Plains Transportation Institue about local road needs that will be presented to the North Dakota State Legislature. Schulte said that this could help the county receive more funding for highways. According to the assessment, Richland’s roads are currently rated at 10 percent very good, 48 percent good, 30 percent fair and 13 percent poor.

The commission was also updated on a house fire that occurred on Sept. 29 and the continuing construction of the bridge over the Wild Rice River.

At the end of the meeting, the commission discussed and made a motion to approve the amended budget, the motion was carried.

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