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1. National Lottery Day will be observed Friday, July 17. We don’t have a print edition that day, so we’re starting the celebration early.

Like many events and activities this spring, the annual prom was canceled at Wahpeton High School due to the coronavirus pandemic. Parents got…

By Nick Simonson   These days I drink bad coffee. Not bad, per se, but only half caffeinated, which according to the old me is bad, as in my younger years I spent much of the morning riding the lightning of a black oily brew so thick I could cut with a knife.  That dosage...

While midsummer brings its share of weeds to front lawns and gardens requiring some time on the hands and knees cleaning things up, or at least a quick buzz of the tiller in a skillful weaving around those tomato plants, there’s other weed work that can be much more enjoyable.

I got a call from my old friend Whitey, a few weeks ago, something that doesn’t happen very often. But when our gang gathered to say goodbye to our friend Gare Bare in October, somebody said that we ought not wait for the next funeral to get together. Now, that’s a conversation we wouldn’t h…

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