No injuries, property found at Red River banks

After a passerby found a bicycle, a cell phone and other personal items along the Breckenridge, Minnesota side of the bank of the Red River Wednesday morning, law enforcement and Breckenridge Fire Department’s water rescue team were called. They searched the river next to the Minnesota Avenue-Dakota Avenue bridge for a possible victim. The owner of the property was eventually located at home safely and his items were returned to him.

Breckenridge Fire Department’s water rescue team was called out Wednesday morning, July 3, to search for a possible person in the Red River at the Minnesota Avenue-Dakota Avenue bridge, after a bicycle and other items were found on the riverbank. Breckenridge Police Department also responded and began an investigation.

“Their (water rescue) initial search didn’t turn up anything. Through the investigation, we were able to ascertain that the owner of the bike and all the personal items were accounted for at his house. He is safe,” Breckenridge Police Chief Kris Karlgaard said.

At approximately 7 a.m., the search and rescue team patrolled the river north of the bridge. A bicycle and belongings including a cell phone were found in weeds at the Breckenridge, Minnesota riverbank. A passerby found the items, who contacted the city’s police department, which then responded along with Breckenridge Fire Department, Wahpeton Fire Department and Wilkin County Sheriff’s Office.

“We were able to eventually lead the cell phone number and the investigation back toward an individual,” said Breckenridge Police Chief Kris Karlgaard.

The individual was reached at his residence, Karlgaard said.

The search was called off shortly before 8 a.m. There was no reason to believe anyone was in danger, Karlgaard said.

The investigation leads law enforcement to believe the owner left his property by the riverbank, Karlgaard said, although it’s unknown why.


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