Spiekermeier accused of misappropriating funds from Giants Snacks

Minnesota District Court of of Fergus Falls documents obtained by KBMW show a complaint by Giant Snacks against Lucy Spiekermeier in the allegation of stealing or misappropriating up to $600,000.

The complaint, filed on Oct. 1, claims eight counts while Spiekermeier was the treasurer/secretary for Giant Snacks during the times of the alleged theft and also an officer as well as current shareholder of the company.

The counts were civil theft, conversion, fraudulent nondisclosure, breach of duties, breach of duties of an officer of the company, violation of the computer fraud and unjust enrichment.

The complaint contends three issues from the beginning of 2016 through July of 2020:

– Spiekermeier issued herself reimbursements from Giant Snacks in excess of the amount Giant Snacks owed her in the amount of $275,122.

– Spiekermeier secretly and unlawfully used Giant Snacks’ funds to repay student loans in the amount of $32,828.

–Spiekermeier wrongfully issued 32 checks in the total amount of $490,786 from Giant Snacks to an individual who had no legitimate basis for receiving most, if not all of the checks.

The complaint also says Spiekermeier held duties including paying invoices and signing checks on behalf of Giant Snacks.

It also said that the day before an auditor was scheduled to visit Giant Snacks, Spiekermeier resigned her employment at Giant Snacks and deleted her emails and destroyed financial data.

See the document from the United States District Court of Minnesota here.

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