3 Things to Know Today

1. Will Americans’ stimulus checks be for $600 or $2,000? It may be decided Monday, Dec. 28. The U.S. House of Representatives is expected to return to session for a recorded vote on the bill which would increase the direct payment for Americans under a certain income level, CNN reported. The House previously agreed upon a $600 per person payment, but in response to presidential and public criticism, a $2,000 per person measure was introduced. It was rejected Thursday, Dec. 24 by House Republicans. Personal stimulus payments are part of a $900 billion package in jeopardy as of Thursday.

2. U.S. Sen. Kevin Cramer, R-N.D., tweeted Wednesday, Dec. 23 that he has tested positively for COVID-19 antibodies. “I don’t know when I had COVID and have never had a symptom,” Cramer wrote. “I suspect there are many people who have had this virus and don’t know it.” Cramer encourages the public to test for antibodies, which is becoming increasingly common as part of COVID-19 testing.

3. If you haven’t eaten your holiday fruitcake yet, you’re in luck! National Fruitcake Day is celebrated Dec. 27. The holiday is known as a time to “rejoice in the delights of the world’s most misunderstood treat.” Fruitcakes have been around since at least the ancient Egyptian era. They are commonly made with dried fruit, nuts, sugar and alcohol, whether brandy or bourbon.

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