In today’s Daily News Media, you read about our new little addition.  Her name is Quora. She is Mongolian and although indigenous of a cold climate, it was extra blustery on her birth day, Wednesday, Feb. 13, 2019.  

Quora has beautiful brown hair and lavishly long eyelashes. And she lives at the Chahinkapa Zoo. She is a Bactrian camel. Quora brings the camel herd number to three … or four … or three … wait a minute!

Let me review in a Quentin Tarantino-like rewind (minus the weirdness). In 2011, after the death of our beloved Sir Humphrey II, we were very concerned about this loss to his mate, Rosanne. To keep her company, we moved “Donkey” the Sicilian donkey to Rosanne’s habitat in the south zoo.  

They became fast friends and did well. You may recall the story on us trying to separate Donkey from his new friend. We wanted him to be with his own species once the new male camel arrived. His name is Thomas.  

Donkey not only fought the separation, but actually became physically sick. So we opted to leave him in with the camels. When Thomas was introduced after his acclimation period, little docile Donkey seemed to demonstrate a surge of testosterone and presented himself in a far different light to Rosanne.

Suddenly he was showing amorous behavior including trying to breed. The onlooking camel bull simply looked confused, as did we all. Needless to say it physically got back to normal shortly thereafter. Long story shortened … they have all since lived together as a “normal” family.  

I had forgotten about that humorous encounter until out for supper on Valentine’s Day. I ran into dear friends and zoo enthusiasts, Judy and Jerry Oren. I told them of our recent camel birth. Jerry asked, “Are you going to have her DNA tested?” 

Thanks for the good chuckle and a camel/donkey tale remembered.  Rest assured, she is 100 percent camel.  But thanks for checking, Jerry! 


Kathy Diekman, director of  

Chahinkapa Zoo in Wahpeton


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