P. E.O. Chapter B met Feb. 4 at Breckenridge United Methodist Church. Prior to the meeting, refreshments were served by Mary Jean McCartney and Sue Petersen. co-hostesses.

Kristen Meindl, president, conducted the meeting, which was attended by 18 members.

Correspondence included the VIP Campaign for Membership letter and a card from LeAnn (Altstadt) Holland, an inactive member of the chapter now residing in Canton, New York. Guidelines for the chapter’s P.E.O. Star Scholarship work were also presented.

Officers for the ensuing year were announced by the Nominating Committee, comprised of Linda Dietz and McCartney. Election and installation is scheduled for the March 3 meeting.

The President’s Letter, a summary of the past year, was presented by Meindl.

The meeting closed with an activity wherein three-member groups discussed what they have in common and how they are different from one another. Results from each group were announced and proved to be quite interesting.

The next meeting will be held March 3 at the church with Kathy Smith and Rena Weidman as co-hostesses.

Projects reports by Petersen, the Educational Loan Fund (ELF) and Linda Johnson, the International Peace Scholarship (IPS) will be given. Election of the Convention Delegate and Alternate Delegate will also be held.

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