Schedule recreation into your life to ensure you benefit from its many positive attributes. Life is crazy and it works best to be organized so your time can be prioritized.

There are few people who don’t feel they are really busy. The reality is all of us have the same 24 hours every day. It depends on how we use our time.

Use any organization method but use one. A Franklin Day Planner binder works superbly. An appointment schedule and prioritized daily task list on one page and another single-page daily notes sheet for journaling is a great visual reminder on my desk and almost everywhere I go (not bathroom or church).

Daily tasks are prioritized A and C. A means get it done that day. C means it’s nice to get done. We all are tempted to do the easy, fun things first. Getting the challenging, stressful duties done first is better. The reality of our schedules is we often work deadline-to-deadline.

Writing and journaling document your journey and help you remember important things. Nowadays, of course this can all be done electronically on your smartphone or another device. Some of us will stick to chicken scratching with a pencil because we make lots of mistakes.

My main schedule is planned a year ahead. At the end of each month, the journal is read and studied to document next year’s events. Sometime early in August, for example, July, 2020 will be planned.

Quiet time helps planning. Sunday evenings work well. The daily appointment schedule is filled and time blocked off for all the meetings, training and activities for the week. It is not only a personal look-see that faces me on my desk but emailed to family, supervisors and staff so they know whereabouts and also is a schedule reminder to them.

This is the time to work in your family activities, hobbies, faith and physical fitness. Family plans are the top priorities and scheduled first. There are a myriad of professional duties with time blocked off. Leave time for preparation. Rest is needed and it can be scheduled, too.

A running lifestyle has been incredibly helpful to live a balanced life. With two to three marathons scheduled every year, an appropriate training schedule needs to be followed in order to be successful. It is a fantastic way to grow your self-discipline.

Every person and runner eventually adopts a schedule that works best for them. For an elderly runner, it works well to run every other day and cross-train (walk, cross-country ski, garden, mow the lawn, etc.) on the other days.

Running miles are short eight-mile runs during the week and a minimum 13 mile long run on weekends. A September 21st marathon in Ely, Minnesota has started the long run uptick. The long runs increase a mile a week up to 22 miles a couple weeks before the marathon and a few days of tapering down.

The important thing is all the runs (and it could be any favored hobby) is planned and will happen. During working days, they need to be early morning or evening.

My preference is to be busy, active and using all available time in productive ways. Again, schedule a healthy balance between your professional and personal time.

Life’s priorities change and it will be necessary to evaluate constantly. It may mean minimizing time-wasters like watching too much television. It may mean sacrificing some personal interests like hunting and fishing. A very good substitute, though is becoming involved with youths and non-profits so others can enjoy the same recreation experiences you’ve benefited from during your lifetime.

Life is short and make sure you schedule the things important to you so they happen. You are in control of your schedule.

Wayne Beyer is the director of Wahpeton Parks and Rec.


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