COLFAX, N.D. — Kiersten Boehm competed in the National FFA AgriScience Fair and earned fifth place. The 92nd National FFA Convention was held from Wednesday, Oct. 30 – Saturday, Nov. 2 in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Boehm completed her interview and attended the awards presentation the next day. Her project was titled, “The Effects of Temperature of Hydroponic Water on Root Growth.” It was a study of how the temperature of the water affected the root length of jade and inch plant cuttings that were suspended in water. Boehm’s findings could help producers of houseplants and succulents propagate more plants in much less space, and produced healthier plants by retail.

Boehm earned the right to compete at the national level because she won state champion honors during the North Dakota State FFA Convention in June. She then submitted her lab report and application to the National FFA and was one of 12 FFA members across the nation selected to advance to national competition. This was her third time competing at the national convention, taking 11th and 10th the last two years.

Also at the convention, Richland 44 FFA was recognized as a Three-Star National Chapter Award winner. Chapters submit a lengthy application that details the activities of the chapter over the past year. These applications are then awarded one, two or three stars. As a three-star award winner, Richland 44 FFA is recognized in the top 0.03 percent out of the 8,612 chapters across the country.

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