Trial, treason and truth explored in 'Descendant of the Crane'

“Descendant of the Crane,” Joan He’s young adult debut novel, is a Chinese-inspired coming-of-age story filled with political intrigue, courtroom drama, and family relations. Hailed by Publisher’s Weekly as a “Chinese Game of Thrones,” it doesn’t disappoint in the plot twists. The novel is separated into three sections: Treason, Trial, and Truth. The story may start out a little slow as it sets up the characters and world building, but it is worth it.

Hesina never wanted the responsibility of being the Princess of Han, but now she runs towards it. Her father has been murdered and she needs to find the culprit. To do so she commits an act of treason — consorting with a soothsayer. Following the new knowledge she gained from the soothsayer, Hesina uses her power as queen to recruit a criminal to act as her representative for the investigation, but no one is what they seem. Unsure if she can trust her own family, and hiding her sympathies for soothsayers, she must navigate the court of her unstable kingdom. Hesina’s discoveries shake the very foundation of her life.

I read the first half of the book in one day and was sucked into the world by the beautifully descriptive writing and how easily the words flowed. Some characters were likeable, and others were a pleasure to dislike. What really impressed me were the plot twists. There were a lot of things that I wasn’t expecting – especially the ending! It made me look at a character in a different light. This was a very enjoyable read. Joan He plans on writing two companion books to “Descendant of the Crane” and is definitely an author to keep an eye out for.

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