Trick-or-treat is going to be looking a little different this year in Hankinson.

Trunk-or-Treat will be taking place in Hankinson on Saturday, Oct. 31, from 5 - 7 p.m. in the Doc’s Pub and Eatery, First Community Credit Union and Miller’s Fresh Foods parking lots.

Trunk-or-Treaters will go from car to car getting candy. Those handing out candy are encouraged to decorate their cars for the event. Attendees handing out candy are welcome to setup a table or lawn chairs if they prefer.

Event planner Emily Ward said her sister, Alicia Nelson, had considered having trunk-or-treat for the past few years. COVID-19 helped accelerate that idea into a reality. Because there will be no Halloween dance this year, nor trick-or- treating at St. Gerard’s nursing home, Trunk-or-Treat was a safe alternative to those Hankinson traditions, Ward said.

“Trick-or-treating has changed a little bit,” Ward said. “You don’t know as many people in town ... [Trunk-or-Treat] is generally a safer way. You used to drop your kids off on one end of the street and pick them up on the other end ... You just don’t know everybody anymore, it’s just not the way it used to be.”

Ward said it’s also a way for those who live outside of town, where they don’t get many trick-or-treaters, to participate.

Trunk-or-Treat also provides kids with an opportunity to show-off their costumes when they otherwise may not be able to due to COVID-19.

Ward said the event has received a number of positive comments when the event was first posted to Facebook, but some were concerned about not having traditional trick-or-treaters.

“You can still trick-or-treat the same old fashioned way... but you can still stop and get a bigger bang for your buck,” Ward said.

Ward said that she hopes to continue Trunk-or-Treat going forward and hopefully turn it into an opportunity for fundraising for the community going forward.

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