Across the world, millions of people are facing forms of quarantine and social distancing for an indefinite period of time. Much remains uncertain, but we know one thing: staying home and opting out as much as possible, especially from voluntary activities, is the best thing we can do. While daily routines and social interactions have been disrupted, there’s plenty you can do to nourish your mind, body and soul in the coming weeks ahead.

Here are a few apps to try:

• Headspace: This app is a library of guided meditations including mindfulness exercise for running, cooking and work. Headspace will track how many days you use the app, as well as how many minutes you’ve meditated. There is also a sleep section with nighttime meditations to help you fall asleep.

• Grokker: This app works to offer yoga, fitness and meditation classes. In response to Covid-19 crisis, it’s currently offering free memberships.

• Stand-Up!: The idea behind Stand-Up is simple: This app prompts you to stand up more. If working from home, it can be a good reminder to get up and move, even if it’s just to stand and stretch for a bit.

• Luminosity: If you like a bit of gaming, consider swapping in some time with Luminosity. The games are fun but also train the brain and are designed to help with focus, cognition and more.

• Overdrive: Your local library is most likely closed, but you don’t have to limit yourself to books on the shelf. Overdrive offers electronic versions of books you can check out. You can read these books on a tablet, computer or smartphone.

• Yummly: This app provides both meal planning help and inspiration. Plan out meals and search recipes with ingredients you have on hand.

• Aaptiv: This app is designed for people who don’t want to look at a screen when exercising. All work outs are audio based. This app offers a 7-day free trial.

• Glo-Yoga: This app will help you find the yoga or pilates class for your level, time and more. Classes include heart-pumping classes to restorative classes before you go to sleep.

• Peloton: No, you don’t have to own a fancy bike to use this app. This app includes a library of classes, including boot camps, running and yoga.

Many people are finding these apps focus on wellness and help to give their lives structure. Download a few, see what might work for you and stay healthy.

Pam Meyer is the Wellness Director at Benedictine Living Community of Wahpeton.

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