There’s built-in intelligence through the brain that communicates through the nerves to all parts and organs of the body. However, when the communication is interfered with, this is when disease occurs. When communication is restored, so is healing and health.

This is the basis of chiropractic and wellness. Chiropractic removes interference to allow 100 percent of communication from the brain to the body. Particularly in chiropractic, we work at the closest level of the nervous system as possible to the brain – the spine protecting the nerves and spinal cord – the information highway from the brain to the rest of the body.

Our lifestyle chokes off this communication by chemical, physical and emotional stressors. Chiropractors remove the spinal stress causing subluxation – aka interference, inflammation, pain, restriction, miscommunication to the nerves and the area it’s supposed to go to. When removed, the function can restore. How quickly you heal depends on you, your healing ability and lifestyle, bringing you back to health and true wellness. So when in doubt – try chiropractic – we will be here for you – for health, wellness, for life.

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