You may have heard of dry needling and wondered what it is or if it may benefit you. While the thought of needles may sound daunting, dry needling is a safe and often effective technique for people with certain musculoskeletal disorders.

Dry needling is a technique where a thin monofilament needle is used to penetrate the skin and treat underlying trigger points or neuromuscular impairments. Dry needling can be used to treat chronic pain, acute injuries, muscle tension, and more! Benefits of dry needling include:

• reduced pain

• decreased tension

• improved blood flow

• improved motion

• restored function

Dry needling is performed by physical therapists that are trained and certified in the procedure. It is typically used in conjunction with other therapy procedures in order to optimize the benefits of the technique.

OSPTI now has therapists in all three of our locations, Breckenridge, Fergus Falls, and Hankinson, who are specially certified to use dry needling techniques. Please call our clinics with further questions if you want to start reducing pain, improving motion, and restoring function today.

Tera Paulson is a physical therapist with OSPTI. For more info, call OSPTI at the Breckenridge location, 218-641-7725; Fergus Falls location, 218-998-2980 or Hankinson location, 701-242-7323.

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