In-home health care a great option during current times

Alicia Albertson, RN

Health care provided in people’s homes has become increasingly important during this time of coronavirus, as a way to keep individuals healthy, safe and comfortable in their own homes and out of hospitals.  Let’s take a look at what home health care is and who might benefit.

Home Health Care includes medical and personal services provided in the privacy and comfort of your own home by direct care workers such as home health aides, registered nurses, or physical and occupational therapists.  An array of services are available, focused on individual well-being and matching needs to resources.  Some of these include:

• Skilled nursing care – having the peace of mind of a licensed nurse checking in, monitoring vitals, helping with medication administration, and more.

• Home health aide – providing personal care such as bathing, grooming and exercise.

• Homemaker and companion services – assisting with housekeeping, cooking, cleaning and laundry.  Companions accompany you out to eat, running errands and more.

• Therapy and rehabilitation such as physical, occupational and speech therapy, which help improve quality of life, mobility, strength and independence.

Home care is a great option for:

• older adults who may not be ready to move into a nursing home but have health or mobility challenges or need extra help around the house;

• people with underlying medical conditions who may now be less inclined to go outside the home for care;

• those who have completed a hospital stay and need additional support upon returning home; and   

• caregivers who are struggling to care by themselves for a loved one at home.

Most home care services are available to anyone, and they are proud to serve our veterans.  We even take care of getting your doctor’s referral.  We accept many insurance and private pay options, and are Medicare certified.  Medicaid pays for many services and all Medicare beneficiaries can receive home healthcare benefits.  Assistance will be given every step of the way while working out your payment options.  

 Home care staff are dedicated to helping you stay in your home and have extensive experience caring for older adults with a variety of needs.  Currently, nurses, aides and therapists are all taking extra precautions to protect the health, safety and wellness of home care clients and staff.  Each day begins with regular screening all home care staff using CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) protocols, including taking the person’s temperature, checking for fever or other symptoms, and asking about possible exposure to others with known cases of covid, or travel to hotspots.  Then it’s time to gear up!  All staff are equipped with proper PPE (personal protective equipment) for in-home visits, including goggles, gloves, surgical masks and N95 masks as needed.  Home care workers are also receiving regular covid-19 testing.  When possible, or if preferred by clients, home care staff are also using phone and video calls with clients in place of in-person visits.  

Contact us today to for a free consultation or to learn more about how we can help you stay happy and healthy in your home.

Alicia Albertson is an RN with Home Health, Benedictine Living Community of Wahpeton. For more information about Benedictine Home Health (in-home care), call her at 701-642-6667.

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