Research continues to support the use of exercise and physical therapy as an effective means of treating lower back pain (LBP).

In a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association Internal Medicine, use of exercise and education was found to reduce sick leave due to LBP by 78 percent. It also prevented risk of reinjury after an episode of lower back pain by 45 percent in the first year after an injury.

These are significant numbers when talking about being able to go about your daily routine, participating in sports activities, or attending your kid’s activities, while having less worry about lower back pain. Sitting on bleachers can be very bothersome for many people’s lower backs.

Learning some mobility and strength exercises can help to decrease your pain and let you enjoy the game. Exercise was found to work better than medications, back braces and shoe orthotics in decreasing the risk of lower back pain. We have a warm water therapy pool that is also a terrific way to decrease your pain and increase your mobility in a more comfortable effective way.

The other benefit of using exercise to treat and prevent LBP is that exercise does not have the negative side effects that many medication can have. Physical therapists are uniquely trained to evaluate your lower back pain and prescribe and instruct specific exercises to treat and prevent it specifically for you.

If you are currently experiencing lower back pain, or would like to come in for an assessment to prevent lower back pain for yourself, give us a call and one of our therapists would be happy to help you.

Call our Breckenridge, Minnesota OSPTI clinic at 218-641-7725, or our Hankinson, North Dakota clinic at 701-242-7323. Remember, we also have clinics in Fergus Falls, Minnesota and Fargo for your scheduling convenience.

SHAWN KRAUSE ROBERTS is a PT, MPT, ATC, OSPTI and OSPTI Training Center. Check out our “Get Fit Challenge” on Facebook.

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