Pediatric incontinence and pelvic floor dysfunction can be treated

Orthopedic & Sports Physical Therapy, Inc. (OSPTI) is now offering services specifically geared toward children experiencing signs and symptoms of incontinence, or pelvic floor dysfunction. These services are currently being offered at OSPTI’s Breckenridge, Minnesota, and Hankinson, North Dakota locations. 

Treatment for pediatric incontinence, or pelvic floor dysfunction is most beneficial for children aged 5 and older. If you notice your child is having symptoms of fecal incontinence, involuntary urination, “bedwetting,” constipation, frequent UTI’s, abnormal urine flow, urinary frequency, or incomplete bladder emptying, your child may greatly benefit from services we can offer.

Treatment is designed to specifically meet each child’s unique needs. Most often treatment involves a variety of techniques including education on bladder function, anatomy, bladder irritants, dietary recommendations, information and education on constipation, strategies to help a constipated child, forming a voiding schedule, instruction on the concept of muscle contraction and relaxation with and/or without the use of biofeedback, and toileting posture/positioning for optimal success while voiding. 

Biofeedback is a technique a person can use to learn to control some of their body's functions. During biofeedback, the child is connected to sensors that help them receive information about their body. This can help the child make slight changes in their body, such as relaxing certain muscles, to help them achieve goals.

In regards to incontinence, this can be especially beneficial by making sure the child understands how to relax their pelvic floor muscles while voiding and how to keep them tight, or strengthened, when it is not time to use the bathroom; as this relaxation and contraction component plays a key role in how each individual is able to successfully expel urine or feces from their body. 

If you think your child may benefit from these services, please call our Breckenridge clinic (218-641-7725), or our Hankinson clinic (701-242-7323) for more information, or to schedule an evaluation for your child.

Karlene Nelson, MS, is an OTR/L with OSPTI.

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