Can living in a community with other seniors benefit your health? Where you live can impact your overall health. The good news is physical activity, social interaction, mental stimulation and healthy dining are keys to healthy living for seniors. 

Physical activity is known to help maintain one’s weight, improve sleep, strengthen bones and regulate blood pressure.  When looking for a facility, check to see if they offer a wide variety of planned physical and social activities. From chair exercises to fully equipped exercise rooms, residents have access to an assortment of choices. Walking through the carefully maintained gardens and grounds offer a safe space to enjoy a stroll.

According to the National Institutes of Health, seniors who engage in meaningful activities, such as volunteering and hobbies, report feeling happier and healthier.  Some activities you may look for are facilities that host events such as summer barbecues, reading clubs, crafts, music performances, and much more. Have an interest in serving? Volunteer opportunities are also available on campus and in the community. 

With so much focus on social isolation during the pandemic, the advantages of living in a senior community have come to light. Research shows that those who are socially isolated experience more health issues. On the other hand, senior living communities focus on offering activities that encourage residents to interact. From sharing conversations over meals and social hours, to enjoying shared interests such as playing cards, quilting, crafts or sports, residents can find ways to easily connect with others. 

Good nutrition is essential to a healthy lifestyle. Cooking balanced meals for one or two all the time is challenging. Who among us hasn’t been challenged by thinking up something new to eat that is healthy and budget friendly? Registered dietitians oversee the menu choices to ensure residents have healthy, balanced meal choices every day without the hassle of shopping, preparing and cleaning up after the meal. Eating with friends in the dining room adds the benefits of social interaction to good nutrition.

There are many things to consider when choosing a community to live in such as Siena Court Assisted Living, 701-642-6667.

Nichole Steffens is Housing Manager at Siena Court.

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