Many of us have so many responsibilities in our lives that we forget one of the most important tasks: to take care of ourselves. Self care is as important as any basic human need and without practicing good self-care the rest of our health tends to suffer. If we are stressed it affects our physical, mental and emotional health. It affects our ability to do the daily tasks and perform our jobs. There are many ways to practice good self-care. Here’s some ideas for practicing good self care:

• Schedule 5 minutes a day to do practice self-care. By doing so you can ensure you fit it into your day.

• Read a book

• Take a warm bath

• Spend time with a close friend

• Use your favorite scented lotion

• Watch your favorite tv show or movie

• Exercise

• Spend time in nature

• Cook your favorite food or skip cooking for the night

There are many ways to practice self care. These are just some ideas that can be good to try. By practicing good self care we are taking care of ourselves and better able to take care of others and do what needs to be done every day.

Sarah Floan, LSW

Social Services Director

Benedictine Health System

1307 7th St N, Wahpeton, ND 58075

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