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Pam Meyer

Did you know hearing aids are designed to last an average of five years, but how you care for them greatly affects their durability. Did you know that moisture and debris can cause your hearing aids to malfunction? That is why caring for your hearing aids are so very important.

Your hearing aid is with you all day long, helping you play an active role in conversations and social relationships. Following are a few easy steps that will help keep you connected to your world by ensuring optimal hearing aid performance.

• Handle with care: Take time to put your hearing aids on properly. When removing them, do so over a soft surface in case you drop them. Keep hearing aids out of reach of children and pets.

• Clean regularly: Hearing aids should be cleaned daily. Gently remove ear wax from them using a dry cotton swab or a soft bristled brush.

• Store properly: Always store your hearing aids in the same safe, dry spot to avoid damage or loss. Turn off hearing aids when not using them. Remove the batteries before placing them in containers. 

• Change filters or wax guards to remove wax and dirt that may deter sound quality.

• Remove hearing aids before applying hair products, perfumes, insect repellent, showering, swimming or sunscreen. Don’t leave hearing aids in direct sunlight or extreme cold.

• Schedule routine checkups with your hearing professional for cleanings.

It’s not uncommon for hearing aids to require some degree of professional service, which is why hearing aids are often sold with warranties and repair coverage. If hearing aids are uncomfortable or not working properly, don’t attempt to repair them yourself. Contact your audiologist.

Pam Meyer is the Wellness Director at BLC-Wahpeton.

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