In our clinic, we see people come in with a variety of injuries aches and pains. When we work with a patient with an injury, one common theme in treatment is to prescribe targeted exercises to assist with recovery. 

Often, I will hear people say, “but I always stay active, and I feel like I’m pretty strong, so why do I need to do these exercises?”  

My response is that there is a difference between staying active and therapeutic exercise.  It is a great idea to stay active to maintain mobility, and often this can help in preventing injury. Many times, however, our muscles and joints can become imbalanced with our normal activities or hobbies that require any repetitive activity. We tend to use one arm more than the other, stand on one leg and foot more, and most of us use the muscles in front of the shoulders and chest more than the muscles that keep our shoulders back in good posture. 

When we look at an injury, we also look at these imbalances to assess whether they can be preventing the area from fully healing. Therapeutic exercises can be useful in balancing these areas so the muscles and joints can recover or come into a position that is no longer painful.  Also, the smaller stabilizing muscle groups are often overpowered by larger muscles and no longer do their jobs. 

Physical therapists are trained to recognize these areas of tightness or weakness and assist in correcting this. If you aren’t recovering from an injury, or have a muscle or joint issue that just doesn’t seem to be going away on its own, give us a call and our therapists at OSPTI can assist you in getting back on track for all those activities you like to do!

Shawn Krause-Roberts PT, MPT, ATC is the owner of OSPTI.

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