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Disagreements and Conflicts

We encourage our NABURs to have discussions about issues that matter to them in civil, respectful and constructive ways.  However, due to the nature of our site, disagreements will happen. When conversations get heated, remember “These are the people in your NABURhood. Please treat everyone here with respect.”  You are free to have your own opinions about the issues discussed on the NABUR platform, but no matter what, the conversations on NABUR must remain civil. No, it’s not always easy, because we all care passionately about these issues. If you are angry about something someone said on NABUR, take a step back, take a breath and then come back to post something civil. 

Attacking, insulting, shaming, bullying, name calling, belittling, or swearing at others or their views even if you really disagree with them. This is on all parts of the website (posts, private messages, etc.) NO
Posting about your concerns with the moderators in the main newsfeed (such as complaining about your post being removed) NO
Stating your view, opinion, or disagreeing with someone in a civil and respectful manner YES

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