3 Things to Know Today


1. Father’s Day is June 20 and  it’s estimated U.S consumers will spend approximately$20.1 billion on our dads in 2021. Maybe splurge for something more than a tie this year. Check out our special page in our June 15 edition for Father’s Day gift ideas.


2. The Ocean Project has coordinated the June 8 World Oceans Day for the past 17 years. It’s a crucial environmental issue. We get both foods and medicines from the deep blue, and it helps to keep the climate in check. Remember to clean up after yourself when visiting the beach.


3. Today’s birthdays include: Barbara Bush (1925-2018), U.S. first lady; Jerry Stiller (1927-2020), comedian/actor; Joan Rivers (1933-2014), comedian/actress; Sara Paretsky (1947- ), author; Tim Berners-Lee (1955- ), World Wide Web inventor; Scott Adams (1957- ), cartoonist; Julianna Margulies (1966- ), actress; Kanye West (1977- ), rapper/producer; Maria Menounos (1978- ), actress/TV personality.

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