3 things to know

1. Severe storms seen throughout the midwest have claimed three lives in South Dakota and Minnesota. In Minnesota, near Blomkest, a grain bin was knocked over onto a car which killed the passenger. One person died in Sioux Falls, South Dakota as a result of severe weather, but information hasn’t been released yet. Another woman in South Dakota was in her car when the severe weather hit, causing debris to fly through her car’s window. She died from her injuries Friday morning.

2. The U.S baby formula shortage has caused breast milk banks nationwide to see a surge of interest. While this won’t work for all babies, especially those with special dietary needs, some parents are trying to determine if it’s a viable option to keep their baby fed.

3. A total lunar eclipse will be viewable across North and South America. The eclipse will be seen Sunday night into early Monday morning. The moon will be covered in the red and orange hues of Earth’s sunsets and sunrises, for one of the longest totalities of the decade. It will also be the first blood moon in a year.

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