The Red Door Art Gallery and Museum in Wahpeton, North Dakota welcomed community members to a reception held on Thursday, Feb 13 for refreshments, treats and to learn about the artists’ abstract and impressionistic exhibitions.

“When Renelle (Bertsch) and I hung this show we noted that every piece in this art show is so strong and so striking and requires so much attention and we were just blown away by how strong the art is,” Gallery Director Noah Dobmeier said.

Abstract and impressionistic art can be described as artwork that has a lot of room for interpretation in which the artist allows the viewer to decided the meaning to themselves, Dobmeier previously told Daily News.

“I’ve been painting for 30 years and I do everything from portraits to landscapes, watercolors, oils and my own original techniques,” Elizabeth Schwankl said. She has four pieces of art on display at the gallery.

Schwankl described a technique she used called mirror-glass. This technique uses a mirror as its base which allows for the reflection of light and creates a stained glass look.

She described another technique, aluminart, that is original to her. It’s aluminum material to which she embosses her drawing on the backside of aluminum to leave an impression on the front side and then paints the front.

“I am humbled to be able to exhibit my artwork,” Nancy Valentine, a new artist to the gallery, said. “I am Chinese and so a lot of my artistry is attributed to that culture and drawing from those materials.”

Both Valentine’s artwork was exhibited on rice paper in a scroll-like manner.

“I started to celebrate my culture and also to understand bodies and figures,” Valentine said. “I tend to focus on the feminine figure. I do this in an abstract way to celebrate these things that maybe are undercelebrated parts of our bodies and also understanding that every body is beautiful, its just a matter of perception.”

The exhibition features 13 artists with 40 different pieces of artwork which run until April 4.

Artists who are exhibiting their artwork are Michael Dunn, Ellen Jean Diederich, Cathrin Von Bank, Laura Von Bank, Nancy Valentine, Elizabeth Schwankl, Della Conroy, Phyllis Joos, Kerry Kolke-Bonk, Jillayne Hanson, Beverly Benda, Barbara Benda Nagle and Karen Bakke.

For more information contact the gallery at 701-591-1010.

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