Banners under consideration for Breckenridge bike path

Banners are planned to be hung on light posts along Highway 75’s pedestrian path in Breckenridge, Minnesota.

Breckenridge Active Living Committee met Wednesday, Oct. 8 to discuss the Highway 75 light banners and posters.

Joel Hoistad, Breckenridge building official, addressed the committee to report that 98 percent of the light poles on Highway 75’s pedestrian path have been placed. Hoistad is working on completing the wiring and the attachment of the top light to ensure sustainability through the wind.

This committee is addressing purchasing banners to hang from the light posts. The committee would like to attract visitors by showing images of Breckenridge such as the helicopter, Red River, and the caboose.

Initially, the committee will purchase 20 banners and are looking into prices of 30 and 60 banners for the future.

With choosing the banners the committee had to discuss cost, durability, design and business sponsorship.

They are also researching the type of material for the banners. Due to the area’s high winds, the committee is searching for a material that can last long through wind, rain and snow.

The committee will be reaching out to five local businesses to determine if they can produce the banners to support local business growth. Those businesses are Creative Stitches, North Dakota State College of Science, Bold Print, Jawaski and Tag Up.

Ultimately, the committee has decided to reach out to businesses to determine their willingness to sponsor these banners to welcome and attract visitors into the community as well as to their businesses.

The next Active Living Committee meeting will be held at 9 a.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 13 at Breckenridge City Hall.

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