Breckenridge Fire Department hosted Breckenridge elementary students on Tuesday, Oct. 15 to discuss fire safety, firefighting equipment, and answer any questions.

Elementary students walked into Breckenridge’s north side fire hall in awe of the firefighters, fire trucks and Smokey the Dog.

Andy Blaufuss, a member of the volunteer fire department, showed the students the importance of the firefighter’s face mask, helmet, fire-proof gloves, jacket, pants and boots. Blaufuss showed the students his tags on the back of his helmet which helps other firefighters know where others are.

Tyler Slettedahl, another member of the fire department, explained to the students the importance of their airpacks. Blaufuss and Slettedahl explained the importance of the beepers on the airpacks.

If the beeper doesn’t sense movement from 15 to 20 seconds, a noise will go off and a light will blink so that firefighters can find a lost firefighter. Additionally, the department has a thermal-imaging camera to show when objects are warm or cold.

Many of the students responded with “oooh” and “that’s so cool!”

When it came time to teach the students how to Stop, Drop, and Roll, Slettedahl and Blaufuss invited Smokey the Dog to assist in the demonstration.

After the students were shown the firefighter’s equipment and Smokey’s demonstration, Slettedahl gave a tour around the fire hall. They were able to see the rescue boat, several fire trucks, tools the firefighters use during emergencies, hoses and water-pumpers.

The fire department is observing Fire Prevention Week by hosting field trips to the younger students in Breckenridge at the fire hall. They had nine classes visit Monday, Oct 14, six classes on Tuesday, Oct. 15 and will continue to have more students visit Wednesday, Oct. 16.

The fire department held a drawing during fire prevention week where people on their Facebook page were able to enter by posting a Fireman GIF to win a fire safety kit. Sarah Geray was the winner.

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