Breckenridge Port Authority talks economic development

Breckenridge Port Authority is seeking to purchase three parcels of land and advertise the Stop-N-Go property for economic development.

Breckenridge Port Authority met Wednesday, Nov. 20 at City Hall to discuss soil boring tests and economic development.

Port Authority is seeking to purchase three land parcels. The group reached out to Terracon and Braun Intertec for quotes on soil boring tests of that land. The test would determine the ability of the soil to support structures and soil permeability.

In Minnesota, when soil boring samples are taken 15 feet or deeper, the samples have to be grouted, according to Public Utilities Director Neil Crocker. Grouting in the soil samples would be an additional expense and so the land samples will be taken at 14-and-a-half feet.

“Let’s do that and it will provide us with a nice cross-area of samples for what we have out there,” Crocker said. “Anyone that is going to want to put a large building that is going to have heavy infrastructure in it, they are going to want to do their own boring samples at 40 to 50 feet. That will be up to the future property owner to do their due diligence on that. For us, 14 and a half feet gives us a good idea for what is under the ground.”

Terracon quoted an amount of $11,500 for five roadway samples and 20 land samples. If Terracon got the bid for the soil boring tests and were to do it all, there would be a reduction of the boring fee sample of $2,500.

Braun Intertec has not supplied a quote for the boring tests. Although, the company has worked with the city before. They have done all the concrete and compaction testing for the water plant, Crocker said. Additionally, they have worked with City Hall according to City Administrator Renae Smith. A quote from Braun Intertec is expected to be provided sometime next week.

In other news, the Port Authority is seeking out a potential business to operate in the old Stop-N-Go gas station along Fifth Street in town. The building will need to be cleaned out, improved through renovations as well remove old fuel tanks. The group discussed whether to sell the building to a business or remain the owner and lease instead, no decision was made. The group expects to advertise the building, price negotiable.

The city will be advertising the building for sale as soon as possible to push for economic development in the city and care for a building that would otherwise continue deteriorating.

There is currently insurance coverage on the building for being a vacant establishment. There are frequent inspections on the building by city employees.

Diana Hermes, advertising manager, Daily News, presented to the group the 2020 Savings and Coupon Book requesting sponsorship of a page. The Daily News was approached by the Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) to make the savings books for visitors. CVB intends to give away these savings books to visitors in their visitor bags at events. The Daily News plans to produce a total of 2,500 coupon books, with the possibility of more if there is a need.

The savings book will feature savings on home and garden, apparel, dining, entertainment, specialty products and services, gifts, lodging and attractions. The savings book will valid for the entire year of 2020.

The cost of a page for advertisement or a coupon is $250 for a half-page, $500 for a full page and $650 for an inside cover or back page, Hermes said. The group approved a motion to sponsor a full page for $500. Before this approval, the group had a total of $2,700 in its advertising budget for 2019.

The next Port Authority meeting will be held at 4 p.m. on Wednesday, Dec. 11 at Breckenridge City Hall. Soil boring tests and future economic development discussions are expected to be discussed.

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