Breckenridge Principal Corinna Erickson held a virtual Title I meeting Thursday, Aug. 27 to inform staff and families of the program's budget and COVID-19 related changes.

Erickson explained that Title I is a federal program that helps students by allocating funds to school districts for special assistance to students. The school's program is about intervening with those students who are struggling in reading and math to receive extra support.

The school district was allocated approximately $98,000 this year for the program that goes towards helping those students struggling, multilingual learners, homeless students, and staff training and development. Some of the funds also go to St. Mary’s School since it is within the school district.

“We know that it is very important for these students to get on track,” Erickson said. If the program needs extra funding, “we can pull from the general funds to keep the program strong, alive and supported as best as we can.”

School districts are allocated funds based on the school's free and reduced lunch population and number of the students.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, this upcoming year has presented challenges for the school with the Title I program. To limit the amount of contact and the mixing of students, the elementary will be changing the movement of paras through the school.

“We didn’t want those students coming from different groups and that whole contact tracing piece of it,” Erickson said. “Much like our teachers that are departmentalizing, it will be the paras that are moving as the teachers will also be moving this year instead of the students being pulled from different groups and going back to their classrooms."

Unlike the past, title paras may be in one grade level rather than hitting multiple grade levels and classrooms.

Erickson said the school is starting tough and restrictive because they want families to feel comfortable and safe bringing their kids back in the classroom and keep everyone COVID-free. Although, she said that the school can revisit the current plan in the future and are open to ideas as they assess the needs of students and how they are being addressed.

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