Red River Communications announced they will be bringing fiber internet to Campbell, Minnesota, in summer 2021. Any interested home and business can opt to have it installed. The Abercrombie-based company also announced a new Ag Wireless tower connected to fiber will be built in the town this year.

Fiber internet differs from wireless internet because the quality of connection does not degrade as it gets further from its source.

Fiber is connected to Red River Communications’ headquarters in Abercrombie, North Dakota, and runs underground to connect to homes and businesses. The entire fiber optic network spans about 3,000, according to their website.

“Red River Communications is excited to expand our fiber internet service to Campbell. Fiber will enable us to provide broadband internet speeds up to 150 times faster than what was previously available in Campbell,” said Tom Steinolfson, CEO of Red River Communications.

The fiber optic market has been steadily growing since 2014, according to a study conducted by Grandview Research. Unlike copper wires, they are lighter and do not corrode, making them easier to spread across larger areas.

“The only way to disrupt fiber optic Internet is to cut a cable. If a fiber cable is compromised, the entire system is impacted due to a disrupted signal, allowing you to identify breaches more rapidly and react accordingly. This is as opposed to copper circuits which can be tapped and data can be intercepted without you knowing it,” according to Atlantech, a fiber communications company.

Red River Communications has a long history in the southern Red River Valley. They installed the first phone lines to Kent, Minnesota, and were championed the high speed fiber upgrades in Hankinson and Lidgerwood, North Dakota.

Member Support Manager Dirk Monson said the company had received calls from numerous Campbell residents interested in higher internet speeds.

“Broadband is essential to keeping our rural communities vibrant and prosperous. We’re excited to connect these families to FiberFAST internet,” Monson stated in a release.

The new Ag Wireless tower will reach rural residents with fixed-wireless internet services, the release stated.

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