Chahinkapa Zoo held its 25th annual Halloween tradition, ZooBoo, on Wednesday evening, Oct. 30. The event brings children and their parents to trick-or-treat around the zoo.

“It’s trick-or-treating in a Halloween decorated atmosphere all in one location,” Zoo Director Kathy Diekman said. “We like to do it the day before Halloween so people are free to have Halloween with their parents or trick-or-treat in their neighborhood.”

Trick-or-treaters are given Halloween bags sponsored by the Wahpeton Fire Department to collect many goodies. Children and adults walk through the zoo lit with 200 jack-o-lanterns, stopping at business-sponsored stations to pick up treats and other items.

Some animals are out in the zoo for the trick-or-treaters to see, but many are inside to stay warm.

A total of 1,272 children and adults attended ZooBoo this year. Diekman and her team expect 2,000-2,500 to come to the event with nice weather. However, because of the cold weather, she was not surprised they were less. Diekman commented that although the number was down from previous years, the zoo was filled with happy trick-or-treaters.

The zoo had over 50 sponsors to help this event take place and support the zoo. Sponsors set up candy Halloween decorated stations for trick-or-treaters while some provided donations.

ZooBoo is a good time for businesses to show their community support, Diekman said.

“It was very successful,” she continued. “It started as a fundraiser for Chahinkapa Zoo but even more importantly than that, and this is really important and we’re proud of this part, it’s become a community event more than anything and I just love that.”

All donations and proceeds go toward animal care and zoo upkeep.

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