Chili fundraiser’s got a new flavor

Proceeds of the 13th Annual Chili Grab N Go Fundraiser are going toward Three Rivers Gymnastics’ equipment fund. The facility continues to seek a 'tumble tramp' trampoline.

A long-running fundraiser for Three Rivers Gymnastics, Wahpeton, is taking on a different flavor in 2021.

This year, it’s known as the 13th Annual Chili Grab N Go Fundraiser. The event will be held from 11 a.m.-7 p.m. Friday, Jan. 29 at the Wahpeton Community Center.

“We had to make some adjustments, but we’re excited about the way things are going,” said Karen Hendrickson, Three Rivers’ office manager.

Proceeds are still going toward Three Rivers’ equipment fund. The facility continues to seek a “tumble tramp” trampoline.

Here’s what you need to know:

What chili will be available?

There will be red chili and white chili, Hendrickson said. Volunteers will prepare large quantities of each. Each serving of chili comes with crackers and a cookie.

Will I still get to choose from and judge multiple types of chili?

Unfortunately, the annual cook-off portion of the fundraiser is unable to be held in 2021. There will be red chili available and there will be white chili available, but there won’t be more than one variety of each.

How much chili can I purchase?

As much as you want. Individual servings of chili will be sold for $8 each, or a family four-pack for $30. You can have as much red chili as you want, as much white chili as you want, or as much of both as you want.

How do I order my chili?

Chili must be ordered online by visiting While there, you can say if you’ll be picking up your chili or if you want it delivered. If you do pick up your chili, you’ll do so at the Wahpeton Community Center.

Will there still be a raffle this year?

There sure will, Hendrickson said. Tickets are available for $20 each. Unlike previous years, where the event was held in person, the Chili Grab N Go Fundraiser won’t have smaller gift baskets being raffled. Items this year are expected to garner much interest and include:

• a trip to Medora, North Dakota

• guns

• an Oculus virtual reality headset

• an iRobot Roomba automatic vacuum

• a propane-powered fire pit table

• a $300 grocery card

• an eighth of beef

• a $500 cash prize

How do I purchase my raffle tickets?

You can do so by visiting Three Rivers Gymnastics, contacting anyone involved in the team gymnastics program or by visiting the Wahpeton Community Center on Friday, Jan. 29. Ticket sales are going well, Hendrickson said.

Will there be entertainment on Friday, Jan. 29?

A 7 p.m. performance by Three Rivers’ show team will be livestreamed on Facebook. This is something new, Hendrickson said, made possible because of how this year’s fundraiser has been modified.

How will I know if I won a raffle prize?

Following the livestream, team members will announce the winners through Facebook.

I’d still like to know more. Who do I talk to?

Call 701-642-3620 or email

The Wahpeton Community Center is located at 304 Fifth St. S. in Wahpeton.

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