As active cases rise, Richland back in ND’s COVID-19 top 10

Richland County, North Dakota, has returned to the state’s top 10 for active COVID-19 cases Saturday, Jan. 2.

The county confirmed one new COVID-19 case and 58 active cases Saturday, according to an update from the North Dakota Department of Health (NDDoH). In December, Richland County peaked at No. 9 for active COVID-19 cases statewide and had recently been ranking at No. 11 over a half-week period.

No new recoveries and no new deaths were confirmed Saturday in Richland County, down from the six new recoveries confirmed Thursday, Dec. 31. Saturday’s new case is down from the 11 new cases confirmed Thursday. Saturday’s active cases are up from the 50 active cases confirmed Thursday.

Richland County has had 15 deaths from or related to COVID-19 to date. As of Saturday, the county ranked below Rolette County, which NDDoH reported had 70 active COVID-19 cases. Coming in at No. 11 were Ramsey and Walsh counties, which tied with 56 active cases each.

Eighteen new COVID-19 or related deaths since Thursday, bringing North Dakota’s cumulative total to 1,310 to date, were confirmed Saturday. The new deaths are up from the 10 deaths confirmed Thursday.

The majority of the deceased, 11 total, were women, NDDoH reported. All 18 were between ages 60-99. The deceased included three from Barnes County, two each from Burleigh, Cass, Morton and Ramsey counties and one each from Nelson, Pembina, Ransom, Rosette, Ward, Wells and Williams counties.

North Dakota confirmed 127 new COVID-19 cases statewide Saturday, down from the 303 new cases confirmed Thursday. There was no COVID-19 update issued Friday, Jan. 1. The number of active cases statewide, 1,999 total, is up from the 1,889 total Thursday.

A total of 92 individuals were hospitalized Saturday with COVID-19, down from Thursday’s 94 individuals.

Richland County has had 1,557 positive COVID-19 cases and 1,484 recoveries to date, compared to the 1,545 positive cases and 1,480 recoveries as of Thursday. North Dakota has had 92,891 positive COVID-19 cases and 89,582 recoveries, compared to the 92,495 positive cases and 89,314 recoveries as of Thursday.

NDDoH confirmed 355 active cases statewide among ages 20-29, followed by 317 active cases among ages 30-39. The number of active cases statewide among ages 50-59, 271 total, remains slightly higher than the number of active cases among ages 40-49, 265 total. Local numbers for cases by age groups were not available.

As of Saturday, North Dakota has 248 confirmed COVID-19 or related deaths for December, down from November’s record 492 deaths. Of the 1,310 deaths to date, 847 have been among ages 80 or older.

Divide and Oliver counties, North Dakota, reported no active COVID-19 cases Saturday. An additional 26 of North Dakota’s 53 counties each reported 10 or fewer active COVID-19 cases.

The five counties reporting the largest amounts of new COVID-19 cases Saturday included Cass County, 43 cases; Burleigh County, 15 cases; Morton and Ward counties, 10 cases each; and Ramsey County, seven cases.

The five counties reporting the largest amounts of active COVID-19 cases Saturday included Cass County, 428 cases; Burleigh County, 269 cases; Ward County, 163 cases; Grand Forks County, 128 cases and Stutsman County, 111 cases.

Exactly 36.75 percent of the Richland County population has been tested for COVID-19 as of Saturday, NDDoH reported. More than 49.6 percent of the North Dakota population has been tested.

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