Keeping your cool against coronavirus

You’re working from home. The kids are off from school for at least the next few days. This is your new normal.

“MOM! He’s looking at me again!”

Seriously, how many times a day can you stand hearing your children yell and fight before you lose it?

You’re cooped up and practicing social distancing to help slow down COVID-19, the novel coronavirus disease. But how do you keep boredom at bay? How do you practice responsible habits that won’t trouble your mind or mess with your health?

That is where the Daily News and News Monitor comes in. Our readers have relaxation tips, leisure activities and improvement opportunities for the whole family. Doing a deep cleaning of your home topped many lists, an early spring cleaning to keep your family protected from this global pandemic.

Don’t forget to exercise — where cleaning can fall if you do it right. Dust, two three. Bend, two, three. Vacuum, two three.

Choose healthy choices for snacks, even though stress may have you reaching for high carb, high fat items.

Story time, fun here on Earth, can be enhanced with the participation of an astronaut. “Ada Lace, Take Me to Your Leader” is currently available at The way it works, Forbes reported, is astronauts read books in installments while in orbit. There are many youth-friendly selections to choose from, like “Mousetronaut,” “Next Time You See a Sunset” and “Rosie Revere, Engineer.”

Hanging out at home is a good time for people of all ages to stretch their creativity. The results can be calming, exciting — even delicious as our readers recommend cooking a new recipe or baking to restock your freezer. Meditate. Pray. Call a friend you haven’t talked to for awhile.

“Fill your gas tank with cheap gas (pay at the pump) and go for a “wildlife drive” with the kids. See who can spot the first deer, pheasant whatever. I know this is not staying home, but if you don’t get out of the car you are not going to make anyone sick,” said Stephanie Frankki of Lidgerwood, North Dakota.

It is possible to maintain family bonds during this time of social distancing. Do FaceTime with grandkids and play charades, Pictionary or word games.

Spring is a time of rebirth. Even though we can’t go to places like Chahinkapa Zoo in Wahpeton right now, many zoos and aquariums have several live cams. The Monterey Aquarium has both a sea otter and kelp forest cam. San Diego and Smithsonian’s National zoos have several live cams (pandas, penguins, polar bears). Basically, the penguins are running the joint.

Below are our top 50 recommendations for staying sane at home:

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