Richland County, North Dakota, returned Sunday, Jan. 24 to its peak position of No. 6 for active COVID-19 cases statewide. The county has been in the top 10 since Tuesday, Jan. 19 and ranked No. 7 Saturday, Jan. 23.

On Sunday, Richland County confirmed six new and 38 active COVID-19 cases. The day before, it confirmed one new and 36 active cases, according to the North Dakota Department of Health (NDDoH).

Ranking No. 5 Sunday was Williams County, North Dakota, with 76 active cases. Ranking No. 7 was Morton County, North Dakota, with 37 active cases.

Sunday's positivity rate for Richland County was 19.35 percent, NDDoH reported. The positivity rate for Cass County, North Dakota, was 3.2 percent. The positivity rate for Burleigh County, North Dakota, was 4.35 percent. The statewide positivity rate was 3.7 percent.

North Dakota confirmed 99 new COVID-19 cases Sunday, down from Saturday' 169 new cases. The state also confirmed 1,097 active cases, down from Sunday's 1,161 active cases.

Forty-nine individuals statewide were hospitalized with COVID-19 Sunday, down from Saturday's 50 individuals. North Dakota also confirmed 151 new recoveries Sunday, down from Saturday's 162 new recoveries.

No new deaths statewide from or related to COVID-19 were confirmed Sunday by NDDoH. North Dakota has had 1,411 confirmed COVID-19 deaths to date.

Richland County has had 1,664 confirmed positive COVID-19 cases, 1,611 recoveries (including seven new) and 15 deaths from or related to the disease to date. The last local COVID-19 death was confirmed more than a month ago, in December 2020.

North Dakota has had 96,817 positive COVID-19 cases and 94,309 recoveries to date, NDDoH reported. There have been 60 direct or related COVID-19 deaths to date in January 2021. Less than 100 of the 1,411 deceased to date have been among ages 15-59.

There were 203 active COVID-19 cases statewide Sunday among ages 20-29, NDDoH reported, followed by 170 among ages 30-39.

Logan, Nelson and Slope counties, North Dakota, reported no active COVID-19 cases Sunday. An additional 31 of North Dakota’s 53 counties each reported 10 or fewer active cases. Twenty-one counties reported new cases Sunday.

The five counties with the highest numbers of new COVID-19 cases Sunday included Cass County, 29 cases; Ward County, 12 cases; Grand Forks County, 11 cases; Burleigh County, 10 cases; and Richland County, six cases.

The five counties with the highest numbers of active COVID-19 cases Sunday included Cass County, 208 cases; Burleigh County, 155 cases; Ward County, 111 cases; Grand Forks County, 105 cases; and Williams County, 76 cases.

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