Richland County confirms 10 new COVID-19 cases Monday

Richland County is currently No. 16 out of 53 North Dakota counties in terms of active COVID-19 cases, the North Dakota Department of Health reported Monday, Oct. 19.

Richland County, North Dakota, confirmed 10 new COVID-19 cases Monday, Oct. 19, down from the 17 confirmed Sunday, Oct. 18. As of Monday, the county has 61 active cases, up from the 56 active cases confirmed Sunday.

The county is currently No. 16 out of 53 North Dakota counties in terms of active COVID-19 cases, the North Dakota Department of Health reported. Richland County is behind Bottineau County, which confirmed 66 active cases Monday, and ahead of Traill County, which confirmed 59 active cases.

To date, Richland County has had 357 COVID-19 cases, 294 recoveries and two deaths from or related to the disease.

Richland’s 61 active COVID-19 cases include 14 between ages 30-39, 11 between 50-59, nine between 20-29, seven each (21 total) between 40-49, 60-69 and 70-79, three between 15-19 and one each (three total) between 0-5, 12-14 and 80 or older.

Statewide, a total of 1,219 confirmed active COVID-19 cases are among North Dakota’s ages 20-29 population. It’s followed by the 909 confirmed active cases among ages 30-39, NDDoH confirmed.

North Dakota confirmed 662 new COVID-19 cases statewide Monday, down from Sunday’s 716 new cases and a new-record 5,837 active cases. Monday marked the 12th consecutive record-breaking day for active cases and 14th to date in October.

Four new deaths from or related to COVID-19 were confirmed Monday, down from the five confirmed Sunday. The newly deceased include a man in his 40s from Burleigh County, a man in his 70s from Burleigh County, a woman in her 80s from Hettinger County and a man in his 100s from Towner County. All had underlying health conditions, NDDoH confirmed.

North Dakota has had 770,510 processed COVID-19 tests, 32,637 cases, 26,392 recoveries and 408 deaths from or related to the disease as of Monday, Oct. 19.

The majority of North Dakota’s COVID-19 or related deaths, 260 as of Monday, have been individuals age 80 or older. It’s followed by the 77 deaths among ages 70-79 and 39 deaths among ages 60-69.

A total of 218 new cases, the day’s largest, were confirmed Monday in Cass County. Cass continues to lead in terms of active cases, with 1,295 as of Monday, followed by Burleigh County’s 969 active cases.

Nearly 34.80 percent of the North Dakota population has been tested for COVID-19 to date. Nearly 23.80 percent of the Richland County population has been tested to date.

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