Richland County down to one local COVID-19 case Tuesday

Thirty-eight new COVID-19 cases in North Dakota were confirmed Tuesday, June 30. As of Tuesday morning, the state is at 79 deaths, 302 active cases (including one in Richland County, North Dakota), 3,195 recoveries and 3,576 positive cases to date.

No new cases of COVID-19 in Richland County were reported Tuesday by the North Dakota Department of Health. The county has had 41 COVID-19 cases to date, 40 recoveries and records from 1,801 completed tests.

No new deaths from or related to COVID-19 were reported Tuesday. While most of North Dakota’s COVID-19 deaths have been individuals age 70 or older, the highest number of COVID-19 cases have been individuals age 20-49.

Tuesday’s total included 13 cases in Cass County; 10 cases in Morton County; nine cases in Burleigh County; three cases in Mountrail County; and one new case each in Benson, Pierce and Walsh counties. There have been 32 recoveries from COVID-19 recorded in North Dakota since Monday, June 29.

Nearly 182,285 COVID-19 tests have been completed and recorded in North Dakota as of Tuesday. More than 106,120 unique individuals have been tested, NDDoH reported. Twenty-five individuals are currently hospitalized due to COVID-19, while 231 individuals have been hospitalized to date.

As of Tuesday in North Dakota, there are:

• 10 active cases among ages 0-9, with 174 recoveries out of 184 cases

• 21 active cases among ages 10-19, with 262 recoveries out of 283 cases

• 94 active cases among ages 20-29, with 736 recoveries out of 830 cases

• 57 active cases among ages 30-39, with 689 recoveries out of 746 cases

• 40 active cases among ages 40-49, with four deaths and 474 recoveries out of 519 cases

• 37 active cases among ages 50-59, with two deaths and 343 recoveries out of 382 cases

• 23 active cases among ages 60-69, with eight deaths and 245 recoveries out of 276 cases

• 13 active cases among ages 70-79, with 16 deaths and 104 recoveries out of 133 cases

• seven active cases among ages 80 and older, with 49 deaths and 167 recoveries out of 223 cases

North Dakota’s 79 deaths to date break down as such: 66 in Cass County, four in Grand Forks County; two each in Morton and Stark counties; and one each in Emmons, McHenry, Ramsey, Stutsman and Ward counties.

The 302 active COVID-19 cases as of Tuesday break down as such:

• 112 in Cass County

• 70 in Burleigh County

• 21 each in Grand Forks and Morton counties

• 17 in Sioux County

• seven each in Mountrail and Ward counties

• six each in Walsh and Williams counties

• five in Barnes County

• four in McKenzie County

• three each in LaMoure and Stark counties

• two each in Rolette, Sargent and Traill counties

• one each in Benson, Cavalier, Dunn, Foster, Grant, Hettinger, McIntosh, Oliver, Pierce, Ramsey, Renville, Richland and Wells counties

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