Richland County has 23 active COVID-19 cases Wednesday

Richland County, North Dakota, has 23 active COVID-19 cases as of Wednesday, July 29.

The North Dakota Department of Health confirmed no new local cases Wednesday. Richland County has had 54 recoveries from COVID-19, 77 total confirmed cases and 2,249 tested individuals to date. The number of tested individuals is up 20 from Tuesday, July 28.

North Dakota’s number of active COVID-19 cases was at 1,038 total Wednesday, down 46 from the 1,084 total Tuesday. Wednesday’s total breaks a pattern of consecutive record-breaking days for active COVID-19 cases.

To date, North Dakota has had 12 record-breaking days for active COVID-19 cases in July. The latest three days were from Sunday, July 26-Tuesday, July 28.

North Dakota confirmed two new deaths from or related to COVID-19. The individuals were in the 80-89 age group. One was a woman with underlying health conditions from Cass County, North Dakota. The other was a man with no underlying health conditions from Burleigh County, North Dakota.

North Dakota, according to NDDoH, has had 102 deaths from or related to COVID-19, 5,089 recoveries and 6,227 positive cases to date.

Eighty-nine new COVID-19 cases were confirmed Wednesday, less than the 157 new cases confirmed Tuesday.

“After investigation, it was discovered that previously reported cases from Cass County and Dickey County were from out of state,” NDDoH stated. “A case from Cass County was found to be inconclusive.”

Wednesday’s total included 27 new cases in Burleigh County, 10 new cases in Cass County, nine new cases in Morton County and six new cases in Ward County.

Other North Dakota counties reporting new cases included McKenzie and Mountrail counties, five each; Ramsey, Traill and Williams counties, three each; Grand Forks, McHenry, Nelson, Sioux and Stutsman counties, two each; and Dickey, Foster, Logan, McLean, Rolette and Stark counties, one each.

There have been 130 recoveries from COVID-19 confirmed in North Dakota since Tuesday, up from the 128 confirmed Tuesday.

As of Wednesday, according to NDDoH, statewide there are:

• 55 active cases, six new, among ages 0-9, with 249 recoveries, six new, among 304 cases to date

• 118 active cases. 10 new, among ages 10-19, with 451 recoveries, nine new, among 569 cases to date

• 257 active cases, 17 new, among ages 20-29, with one death and 1,339 recoveries, 40 new, among 1,597 cases to date

• 180 active cases, 17 new, among ages 30-39, with one death and 1,022 recoveries, 28 new, among 1,203 cases to date

• 125 active cases, 17 new, among ages 40-49, with four deaths and 712 recoveries, 12 new, among 841 cases to date

• 122 active cases, 12 new, among ages 50-59, with four deaths and 553 recoveries, 21 new, among 679 cases to date

• 83 active cases, three new, among ages 60-69, with nine deaths and 384 recoveries, seven new, among 476 cases to date

• 53 active cases, three new, among ages 70-79, with 20 deaths and 172 recoveries, five new, among 245 cases to date

• 45 active cases, one new, among ages 80 and older, with 63 deaths, two new, and 205 recoveries, two new, among 313 cases to date

More than 300,970 COVID-19 tests have been completed in North Dakota as of Wednesday, an increase of nearly 3,460 from Tuesday. More than 151,080 unique individuals have been tested, an increase of nearly 1,040, NDDoH reported.

Thirty-nine individuals are currently hospitalized due to COVID-19, an increase of four from Tuesday. To date, 351 individuals have been hospitalized, an increase of eight from Tuesday.

North Dakota’s 102 confirmed COVID-19 or related deaths to date include 76 individuals from Cass County, four each from Burleigh and Grand Forks counties; three each from Morton and Stark counties; two each from Stutsman and Williams counties; and one each from Benson, Emmons, McHenry, McIntosh, McKenzie, Mountrail, Ramsey and Ward counties.

The state’s 1,038 active COVID-19 cases on Wednesday, according to NDDoH, included 285 in Burleigh County, 120 in Cass County, 80 in Morton County, 74 in Grand Forks County, 54 in Ward County and 50 in Williams County. The six counties accounted for 663 total of the active cases.

Richland County, as of Wednesday, is tied at No. 9 on the list of North Dakota counties with the most active COVID-19 cases. The top 10 is completed by Benson and Stark counties, tying for No. 7 with 43 active cases each, and Mountrail and Richland counties, tying for No. 9 with 23 active cases each.

McKenzie County, as of Wednesday, has 21 active COVID-19 cases. Walsh County has 16. The 12 North Dakota counties with the highest numbers of active COVID-19 cases account for 832 total cases as of Wednesday.

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