Richland County, ND has 24 active COVID-19 cases Tuesday

Richland County, North Dakota, has 24 active COVID-19 cases as of Tuesday, July 28.

The North Dakota Department of Health confirmed two new cases Tuesday. Richland County has had 53 recoveries from COVID-19, 77 total confirmed cases and 2,229 tested individuals to date. The number of tested individuals is up 14 from Monday, July 27.

North Dakota’s number of active COVID-19 cases was at 1,084 total Tuesday, up 26 from the 1,058 total Monday. In addition to being the third consecutive record-breaking day, Tuesday was also North Dakota’s 12th record-breaking day in July for active COVID-19 cases.

The state confirmed its 100th death from or related to COVID-19. The individual was a woman in her 20s from McKenzie County, North Dakota. She had no underlying health conditions, NDDoH reported. According to NDDoH records, the woman was both the first COVID-19 or related death in the 20-29 age group and the first death from McKenzie County.

North Dakota, according to NDDoH, has had 100 deaths from or related to COVID-19, 4,957 recoveries and 6,141 positive cases to date.

One-hundred-fifty-seven new COVID-19 cases were confirmed Tuesday, more than the 112 new cases confirmed Monday. North Dakota’s record for the most new COVID-19 cases confirmed, 160, was reached on Wednesday, July 22.

“After investigation, it was discovered that a previously recorded case from Cass County was from out of state and a case from Walsh County was a duplicate,” NDDoH stated.

Tuesday’s total included the first two COVID-19 cases confirmed in Adams County, North Dakota. The total also included 51 new cases in Burleigh County and 26 new cases in Cass County, North Dakota.

Other North Dakota counties reporting new cases included Stark County, 12; Morton County, 11; Ward County, seven; Griggs and Williams counties, five each; Benson and Grand Forks counties, four each; McLean, Nelson, Sioux and Traill counties, three each; Richland and Rolette counties, two each; and Barnes, Bottineau, Burke, Dickey, Eddy, Foster, Logan, McIntosh, McKenzie, Mercer, Mountrail, Pembina, Ramsey and Wells counties, one each.

There have been 128 recoveries from COVID-19 confirmed in North Dakota since Monday, up from the 77 confirmed Monday.

As of Tuesday, according to NDDoH, there are:

• 55 active cases, eight new, among ages 0-9, with 243 recoveries, four new, among 298 cases to date

• 117 active cases, 13 new, among ages 10-19, with 442 recoveries, 11 new, among 559 cases to date

• 280 active cases, 37 new, among ages 20-29, with one new death and 1,299 recoveries, 40 new, among 1,580 cases to date

• 191 active cases, 31 new, among ages 30-39, with one death and 994 recoveries, 25 new, among 1,186 cases to date

• 120 active cases, 19 new, among ages 40-49, with four deaths and 700 recoveries, 19 new, among 824 cases to date

• 131 active cases, 20 new, among ages 50-59, with four deaths and 532 recoveries, 12 new, among 667 cases to date

• 87 active cases, 14 new, among ages 60-69, with nine deaths and 377 recoveries, 13 new, among 473 cases to date

• 55 active cases, seven new, among ages 70-79, with 20 deaths and 167 recoveries, three new, among 242 cases to date

• 48 active cases, six new, among ages 80 and older, with 61 deaths and 203 recoveries, one new, among 312 cases to date

In addition to the 100 individuals confirmed to have died from or related to COVID-19, there are four individuals who did not test positively for the disease, but are presumed to have died from it. None of the four are believed to have been from Richland County.

More than 297,510 COVID-19 tests have been completed in North Dakota as of Tuesday, an increase of more than 4,300 from Monday. Nearly 150,050 unique individuals have been tested, an increase of 1,680, NDDoH reported.

Thirty-five individuals are currently hospitalized due to COVID-19, a decrease of eight from Monday. To date, 343 individuals have been hospitalized, an increase of six from Monday.

North Dakota’s 100 confirmed COVID-19 or related deaths to date include 75 individuals from Cass County, four from Grand Forks County; three each from Burleigh, Morton and Stark counties; two each from Stutsman and Williams counties; and one each from Benson, Emmons, McHenry, McIntosh, McKenzie, Mountrail, Ramsey and Ward counties.

The state’s 1,084 active COVID-19 cases on Tuesday, according to NDDoH, included 299 in Burleigh County, 148 in Cass County, 82 in Morton County, 79 in Grand Forks County and 61 in Williams County. The five counties accounted for 669 total of the active cases.

Richland County, as of Tuesday, remains No. 9 on the list of North Dakota counties with the most active COVID-19 cases. Coming in at No. 6 is Stark County, with 51 active cases. Ward County, No. 7, has 49 active cases. Benson County, No. 8, has 46 active cases, nearly double Richland County’s 24 active cases. Closing out the top 10 is Walsh County, with 20 active cases.

The 10 North Dakota counties with the highest numbers of active COVID-19 cases account for 859 total cases as of Tuesday.

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