Richland County up to four active COVID-19 cases Friday

Eighty-four new COVID-19 cases in North Dakota were confirmed Friday, July 10. As of Friday morning, the state is at 573 active cases (including four in Richland County, North Dakota), 85 deaths, 3,496 recoveries and 4,154 positive cases to date.

One new case of COVID-19 in Richland County was reported Friday by the North Dakota Department of Health. The county has had 45 COVID-19 cases to date, 41 recoveries and records from 1,952 competed tests, an increase of 20 tests from Thursday, July 9.

For the third consecutive day, Burleigh County, North Dakota, leads the state in the number of active COVID-19 cases. Burleigh County, whose cities include Bismarck, North Dakota, had 168 active cases as of Friday. Cass County, North Dakota, whose cities include Fargo, has 132 active cases.

Burleigh and Cass counties account for more than half of North Dakota’s active COVID-19 cases, a combined 300 out of 573 active cases.

Friday’s total from NDDoH included 24 new cases in Burleigh County; 19 new cases in Cass County; nine new cases in Grand Forks County; four new cases each in Stark and Williams counties; three new cases each in Cavalier, Mountrail and Walsh counties; two new cases each in Morton, Traill and Ward counties; and one new case each in Dunn, McIntosh, Mercer, Pierce, Ramsey, Richland, Sioux, Steele and Towner counties.

There have been 17 recoveries from COVID-19 recorded in North Dakota since Thursday.

In addition to the 85 individuals confirmed to have died from or related to COVID-19, there are four individuals who did not test positively for the disease, but are presumed to have died from it. None of these individuals were from Richland County.

Nearly 219,740 COVID-19 tests have been completed and recorded in North Dakota as of Friday. Nearly 119,600 unique individuals have been tested, NDDoH reported. Thirty-three individuals are currently hospitalized due to COVID-19, an increase of three from Thursday. To date, 260 individuals have been hospitalized due to COVID-19.

For the sixth consecutive day, less than half of North Dakota’s active COVID-19 cases, 265 total, are individuals between ages 20-39. The majority of the 265 individuals, 166 total, are between ages 20-29.

As of Thursday, there are:

• 34 active cases, three new, among ages 0-9, with 185 recoveries (three new) out of 219 cases

• 56 active cases, three new, among ages 10-19, with 279 recoveries (three new) out of 335 cases

• 166 active cases, 28 new, among ages 20-29, with 845 recoveries (11 new) out of 1,011 cases

• 99 active cases, 14 new, among ages 30-39, with 746 recoveries (five new) out of 845 cases

• 66 active cases, seven new, among ages 40-49, with four deaths and 511 recoveries (four new) out of 581 cases

• 69 active cases, 10 new, among ages 50-59, with three deaths and 371 recoveries (three new) out of 443 cases

• 44 active cases, 10 new, among ages 60-69, with eight deaths and 268 recoveries (two new) out of 320 cases

• 24 active cases, six new, among ages 70-79, with 17 deaths and 117 recoveries (one new) out of 158 cases

• 15 active cases, three new, among ages 80 and older, with 53 deaths and 174 recoveries (none new) out of 242 cases

North Dakota’s 85 confirmed COVID-19 or related deaths to date include 70 individuals from Cass County; four from Grand Forks County; three from Stark County; two each from Morton and Stutsman counties; and one each from Emmons, McHenry, Ramsey and Ward counties.

The state’s 573 active COVID-19 cases as of Friday include:

• 168 in Burleigh County

• 132 in Cass County

• 43 in Morton County

• 36 in Grand Forks County

• 28 in Williams County

• 21 in Walsh County

• 17 in Stark County

• 14 each in Mountrail and Sioux counties

• 10 each in Cavalier, Ramsey and Ward counties

• nine in Traill County

• seven in Benson County

• six in Dunn County

• five each in McKenzie and Pembina counties

• four each in Barnes, Ransom and Richland counties

• three each in McHenry, McIntosh and Steele counties

• two each in Pierce, Stutsman and Towner counties

• one each in Burke, Dickey, Foster, LaMoure, Mercer, Nelson, Oliver, Rolette, Sargent, Sheridan and Wells counties

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