Richland down to single-digit active COVID-19 cases

Richland County continued a trend Monday, Feb. 22. The county had its third day of single-digit COVID-19 activity. On Monday, no new and eight active COVID-19 cases were confirmed. Richland has fallen to No. 15 for COVID-19 activity statewide.

Richland County, North Dakota, confirmed no new and eight active COVID-19 cases Monday, Feb. 22. Monday marked the third consecutive day for single-digit COVID-19 activity in the county.

The county was ranked Monday at No. 15 for COVID-19 activity statewide, according to the North Dakota Department of Health (NDDoH). Ransom County, North Dakota, confirmed nine active cases and ranked No. 14. Divide, McKenzie and Stutsman counties, North Dakota, each confirmed seven active cases and tied for No. 16.

Richland County has had 1,722 confirmed positive COVID-19 cases, 1,698 recoveries (including one new) and 16 deaths from or related to the disease. The most recent local COVID-19 death was confirmed Jan. 29, 2021.

North Dakota’s COVID-19 or related death toll was 1,438 individuals as of Monday. The state confirmed 35 new cases and 710 active cases that day. A total of 2,185 new COVID-19 tests were administered statewide.

Three new COVID-19 or related deaths since Friday, Feb. 19 were confirmed Monday by NDDoH. The deceased include a man in his 60s from Grand Forks County, North Dakota, and a man in his 70s and a man in his 90s from Cass County, North Dakota.

As of Monday, 185,196 doses of the 191,125 COVID-19 vaccine doses North Dakota’s received have been administered. This includes 3,301 doses administered to date in Richland County and 40,024 doses administered in Cass County. A total of 111,128 residents have received at least one dose of vaccine as of Monday. North Dakota, according to NDDoH, has a population of 762,062. Richland County has a population of 16,177.

Thirty-eight individuals statewide were hospitalized Monday with COVID-19, NDDoH reported. The number is down from 40 hospitalizations on Sunday, Feb. 21.

NDDoH confirmed 121 active COVID-19 cases statewide Monday among ages 30-39. Coming in second was the 40-49 age group, with 111 active cases statewide. The 20-29 age group had 110 confirmed active cases statewide.

A total of 12 COVID-19 or related deaths in February 2021 have been confirmed to date. The number of deceased is down from the 76 individuals in January 2021, 282 individuals in December 2020 and the peak, 498 individuals in November 2020. Of the 1,438 cumulative deaths statewide, 910 have been among ages 80 and older, 267 have been among ages 70-79 and 160 have been among ages 60-69. To date, there has been only one COVID-19 or related death among ages 15-19.

Eight North Dakota counties reported no active COVID-19 cases Monday. An additional 27 of the state’s 53 counties each reported six or fewer active cases. Of the remaining 18 counties, 13 including Richland County reported 40 or fewer active cases. Fourteen counties reported new COVID-19 cases Monday. Seven counties — Divide, Golden Valley, McHenry, McKenzie, Morton, Mountrail and Sargent counties — reported only one new case. Rolette County, North Dakota, reported two new cases.

The six counties with the highest numbers of new COVID-19 cases Monday included Williams County, six cases; Burleigh and Cass counties, five cases each; Ward County, four cases; and Grand Forks and Stark counties, three cases each.

The six counties with the highest numbers of active COVID-19 cases Monday included Cass County, 142 cases; Burleigh County, 103 cases; Grand Forks County, 79 cases; Ward County, 77 cases; Williams County, 42 cases; and Stark County, 40 cases.

More than 40.2 percent of the Richland County population has been tested for COVID-19 as of Monday, NDDoH reported. Nearly 52.8 percent of the North Dakota population has been tested.

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