Richland has 4 new, 30 active COVID-19 cases Friday

Richland County has had 1,911 confirmed positive COVID-19 cases, 1,864 recoveries and 17 deaths from or related to the disease to date.

Richland County, North Dakota, confirmed four new and 30 active COVID-19 cases Friday, April 2. The county held Friday at No. 7 for COVID-19 activity statewide.

Friday’s four new local cases are down from the six new cases confirmed Thursday, April 1. The 30 active cases are level with Thursday’s 30 active cases. Five new local recoveries were confirmed by the North Dakota Department of Health (NDDoH), up from Thursday’s two new recoveries.

Morton and Stark counties, North Dakota, each confirmed 37 active COVID-19 cases and tied at No. 5 Friday for statewide activity. Williams County, North Dakota, ranked No. 8 with 19 active cases.

Richland County has had 1,911 confirmed positive COVID-19 cases, 1,864 recoveries and 17 deaths from or related to the disease to date, according to NDDoH data. The most recent local COVID-19 death was confirmed March 10.

North Dakota’s COVID-19 or related death total held Friday at 1,466 individuals to date. The state confirmed 165 new cases, down from Thursday’s 208 new cases, and 1,227 active cases, up from Thursday’s 1,221 active cases. A total of 5,925 new COVID-19 tests have been administered statewide and 149 new recoveries statewide were confirmed Friday, up from Thursday’s 112 recoveries.

As of Friday, more than 425,000 doses of COVID-19 vaccine have been administered in North Dakota. This includes 8,331 doses administered in Richland County and 104,987 doses in Cass County, North Dakota.

Richland County has a total population of 16,177, according to NDDoH. The latest data indicates that nearly 49 percent of local individuals ages 18 and older, 5,665 North Dakota residents total, have received at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccine. Nearly 32 percent of individuals age 18 and older, 3,701 residents total, have received both doses of vaccine, data indicates.

A total of 243,098 North Dakota residents ages 18 and older have received at least one dose of vaccine as of Thursday. The state has a population of 762,062, according to NDDoH.

Twenty-three individuals statewide were hospitalized Friday due to COVID-19, up from Thursday’s 21 hospitalizations. NDDoH has confirmed no COVID-19 or related deaths to date in North Dakota for April 2021. Of the 1,466 cumulative deaths statewide, 927 have been among ages 80 and older.

NDDoH confirmed 339 active COVID-19 cases statewide Friday among ages 20-29. Coming in second was the 30-39 age group, with 252 active cases statewide. The 40-49 age group had 157 active cases statewide, followed by ages 50-59, with 124 active cases.

Thirty-four of North Dakota’s 53 counties confirmed no new COVID-19 cases Friday. Eleven counties reported no active cases. Twenty-eight counties confirmed 10 or fewer active cases, including eight counties each confirming one active case.

The five counties with the most new COVID-19 cases Friday included Cass County, 79 cases; Burleigh and Grand Forks counties, 17 cases each; Ward County, 13 cases; and Stark County, seven cases.

The six counties with the most active COVID-19 cases Friday included Cass County, 605 cases; Grand Forks County, 137 cases; Burleigh County, 120 cases; Ward County, 51 cases; and Morton and Stark counties, 37 cases each.

Nearly 43.5 percent of the Richland County population has been tested for COVID-19 as of Friday. More than 54.7 percent of the North Dakota population has been tested.

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