Top 10 mask-wearing states

The map above is based on geotagged Twitter data in the last 30 days, tracking tweets about wearing a mask in public due to COVID-19. This includes relevant hashtags such as #masksforall, #wearamask, and #maskup. Over 400,000 tweets were tracked.

The data shows there is far more mask activity in the western half of the country, and far less activity in the Midwest and southern states.

The top 10 mask wearing states are as follows:

1. Colorado

2. Oregon

3. Hawaii

4. Maine

5. Vermont

6. Washington

7. New Mexico

8. Arizona

9. New York

10. Minnesota

The map was put together by the site, using trends software with direct access to geotagged Twitter data. They do safety, outdoor, and survival based trends maps every month.

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