Two new COVID-19 recoveries in Richland County

Forty-nine new COVID-19 cases in North Dakota were confirmed Saturday, May 23. As of Saturday morning, the state is at 52 deaths, 862 active cases (including six in Richland County, North Dakota), 1,503 recoveries and 2,365 total cases to date.

No new individuals in Richland County have been reported as having COVID-19. The number of local recoveries has grown by two since Friday, May 22, the North Dakota Department of Health reported. As of Saturday, Richland County has had 15 COVID-19 casts and completed 896 COVID-19 tests.

No new deaths directly caused by or related to COVID-19 were reported Saturday. NDDoH did clarify that an individual reported dead Friday was in his 90s, not in his 80s. He had underlying health conditions and was from Cass County, North Dakota.

Of North Dakota’s 52 total COVID-19 deaths, 39 are considered due to COVID-19, seven were not primarily caused by COVID-19 and six cases have pending death records.

Saturday’s totals include 46 new COVID-19 cases in Cass County; and one each in Burleigh, Grand Forks and Ransom counties.

Across North Dakota, more than 80,000 COVID-19 tests have been completed. The tests as of Saturday include 2,408 tests recorded since Friday. More than 64,100 individuals have been tested to date, with several individuals receiving serial or followup COVID-19 tests.

Forty-six new North Dakota individuals were confirmed recovered from COVID-19 Saturday morning by NDDoH. As of Saturday, a total of 39 individuals are currently hospitalized. The total number of hospitalized individuals has reached 150 to date.

The majority of North Dakota’s 52 COVID-19 deaths, 33 as of Saturday, have been individuals age 80 or older. Forty-one of those deaths have been Cass County individuals, followed by three in Grand Forks County; two each in Morton and Stark counties; and one each in Emmons, McHenry, Ramsey and Ward counties.

As of Saturday, the majority of North Dakota’s COVID-19 cases, 524 total, have been diagnosed in individuals between ages 30-39. A total of 497 cases to date have been diagnosed in individuals between ages 20-29.

Cass County has had 1,487 confirmed COVID-19 cases to date, including 847 recoveries. More than 15,000 COVID-19 tests have been completed to date.

Grand Forks County, North Dakota, has had 321 confirmed COVID-19 cases to date. The number includes 228 recoveries. More than 5,400 COVID-19 tests have been completed to date.

Burleigh County, North Dakota, has had 129 confirmed COVID-19 cases to date. The number includes 92 recoveries. More than 7,300 COVID-19 tests have been completed to date.

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