Dakota Cabinetry sold to Heuer, experienced in flooring and more

From left, Mark Heuer, Craig Ostebee and Steve Dale. Heuer has bought Dakota Cabinetry, Inc. from Dale. The business sells Showplace Cabinetry, which Ostebee represents.

Steve Dale has had the chance to see youngsters who weren’t even school-aged when they met grow up to become parents with their own preschoolers.

Dale’s gotten his opportunities in a number of ways: as a Wahpeton resident, as the city’s current mayor, over the course of a nearly 50-year career in contracting and cabinetry and with his business, Dakota Cabinetry, Inc. Established in 1998, Dakota Cabinetry has been sold to Mark Heuer, Mooreton, North Dakota.

“Mark wants to carry on whatever we’ve done here and, in my own mind, take it to the next level,” Dale said.

Heuer, experienced in flooring, countertops and contracting, said Dakota Cabinetry is a perfect fit for him. Dale and Heuer reached an agreement on Monday, July 5.

“After 20 years with my own business and another 24 years before it, I was wanting to get into something different,” Dale said. “It was in 2017 that I was thinking about succession.”

Dakota Cabinetry is the local seller of Showplace Cabinetry. Based out of Harrisburg, South Dakota, Showplace was founded in 1999.

“We got with them early and we’ve grown together. They build the perfect cabinet for what we want to do and people are satisfied.”

Craig Ostebee, a manufacturers’ representative for Showplace, spoke further about the company’s relationship with Dakota Cabinetry. Earlier in 2021, the Wahpeton business received the 20th-year President’s Club Award for exceptional sales and was recognized as being among the top Showplace dealers nationwide.

“Dakota Cabinetry is special because it and Showplace were in diapers together and have grown together. Dakota has always represented the products we offer in an exemplary fashion,” Ostebee said.

Bill Allen, CEO of Showplace, agrees. Showplace’s continued growth and success, Allen stated, is made possible with hard-work and dedication.

“(It comes from), especially, the successful, valued dealers like Dakota Cabinetry, Inc.,” Allen stated.

Heuer also knows about sustained relationships.

“My customers (stay with me) because of the quality of my work,” he said.

Dale, whose mayoral activity has included promoting succession plans to ensure the survival of Wahpeton businesses, indicated he will remain involved with Dakota Cabinetry “depending on how long Mark will have me around.”

“I want to see Mark successful and carry this on,” Dale said.

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