Celebrating its 12th anniversary, United Way of Richland-Wilkin’s Day of Caring was held Tuesday, Oct. 1.

Numerous volunteers teamed up and went out into local communities. Visiting participating homes and businesses, the volunteers did everything from yard work to putting up Christmas decorations.

“We celebrate the volunteers who are here and willing to help the community, but it also takes the community members who are willing to let people who could be strangers come and help,” said United Way Executive Director Colette Barton. “It’s a win-win on both sides.”

Volunteer teams included a quartet of welding students from North Dakota State College of Science, Wahpeton. Alex Johannsen, Oscar Lindberg, Cody Rader and Gavin Reinke worked at the home of Michael and Evelyn Krug, Wahpeton. The youths’ activity included pruning trees and clearing gutters.

“We were in the process of redoing the deck, but had to stop due to the weather,” Michael Krug said.

Although an exact number of volunteers wasn’t available Tuesday morning, estimates indicate at least 120 participants.

“The students have really stepped up. We have some of the businesses in town that have their employees come and help out,” Board Director Perry Miller said.

Day of Caring is not only a great community event, Miller continued, but a really nice bonding event for volunteers.

“It helps folks get their homes ready for winter, whether it’s through inside projects or outside projects,” he said.

Alyssa Waskosky is a registered nursing student at NDSCS. According to Barton, Waskosky is one of the many participants who’ve embraced the giving spirit.

“This is my first time participating. We need volunteer hours, an e-mail about this event came up and I knew it would be a fun way to benefit the community,” Waskosky said.

Volunteerism is just one component of Day of Caring, Barton said.

“It’s also about the relationships we can create,” she continued. “It’s about the connections that people can create.”

People in the Twin Towns Area should always be proud of their neighbors, Barton said.

“We have great folks who live here and great folks who want to help each other out,” she added. “We see that time and time again, which is one of the awesome things about our community.”

Helping neighbors and community members isn’t limited to one day.

Wahpeton High School will hold its second annual Day of Caring on Wednesday, Oct. 9. For more information or to coordinate a student volunteer visit, call 701-642-2604.

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