Dwight Fire Department’s new chief

Andy Gregor, who's spent more than 18 years with the Dwight Fire Department, is now supervising a team of nearly 40 volunteers. Gregor became Dwight's fire chief earlier this month.

For nearly 20 years, Andy Gregor has been a member of the Dwight Fire Department in Dwight, North Dakota.

Earlier this month, Gregor began serving as Dwight’s fire chief. The 38-year-old, who’s been with the department since February 2002, is now supervising a team of nearly 40 volunteers.

“I want to thank each and every member for allowing me the opportunity to be their leader,” Gregor said. “It is a great honor to be the fire chief after all these years of hard work and dedication.”

The Dwight Fire Department is a team, Gregor said. He could not do his job with the rest of the volunteer firefighters and leadership including 1st Assistant Chief Clint Gilbertson, 2nd Assistant Chief Luke Kasowski and Secretary Mike King.

“One of the bigger challenges on the job is keeping up our number of volunteers. North Dakota fire departments, in general, have fought for volunteers. It can get harder and harder to find them,” Gregor said.

Anyone interested in serving as a volunteer firefighter should contact their community fire halls, Gregor said. Anyone wanting to specifically serve Dwight can send an email to dwightfirerescue@gmail.com.

“Firefighting runs in my family and I love the overall satisfaction I get from helping others,” Gregor said.

Gregor and his wife, Mallory, have three children, ages 20, 12 and 5. The family includes three dogs. So far, Gregor’s children haven’t shown an interest in becoming firefighters.

“I’m sure my youngest son would when he becomes older,” he said.

Firefighting has been a tradition for Gregor’s family. His father, Rick, served with him on the Dwight Fire Department, as have his sister and two cousins. Uncle Leland Gregor was a firefighter in Wahpeton and Gregor’s great-uncle served in Fargo as well.

“I just get the satisfaction of helping others in need, serving the community and making sure people are safe,” Andy Gregor said.

When not firefighting, Gregor is a chief engineer with ABM Industries. ABM is a global provider of facilities maintenance. Gregor provided tips for summertime fire safety.

“Keep an eye on the fire index,” he said. “Don’t burn when a warning’s in effect. All controlled burns should be called into your local dispatch. And never use gasoline for your fires.”

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