The North Dakota State University Extension, which has offices throughout the state, is gaining an employee with international credentials.

Yuri Montanholi was announced earlier this month as the extension’s new beef cattle specialist. Montanholi is from Brazil with dual citizenship in Canada.

“We are excited to have Yuri step into the role of extension beef cattle specialist,” said interim extension director Greg Lardy. “His international experience and training make him uniquely qualified for the position and we look forward to the opportunity he has to serve the beef cattle industry in North Dakota.”

Montanholi’s plan is to expand his activities to help beef producers increase efficiency, while also safeguarding the environment. He will help develop statewide beef cattle extension programming materials, the extension stated.

There are numerous benefits expected from the materials Montanholi will develop. They include improved efficiency of feed utilization, evaluations of metabolic rates from the whole animal to cellular levels, evaluations of the relationships between feed efficiency and carcass composition, assessments of the biological associations between feed efficiency and sexual maturity, optimal sensing methodologies for assessing productive performance on-farm and in processing plants, and evaluations of biomarkers for health and welfare.

Montanholi’s role also includes conducting meetings and offering in-service training for beef cattle producers, county extension personnel and other professionals involved in the beef industry. The extension will help him apply the research to North Dakota’s beef industry.

A graduate from Santa Catarina State University in Brazil, Montanholi earned a doctor of veterinary medicine degree. He also earned a master of science degree from Rio Grande do Sul Federal University in Brazil and a Ph.D from the University of Guelph in Canada.

Montanholi’s time at University of Guelph involved post-doctoral and research positions before moving on to faculty positions at Dalhousie University in Canada and Harper Adams University in the United Kingdom, respectively.

“I feel honored to join a community where the beef industry means a lot and with a long history of extension assisting producers and tailoring research,” Montanholi said.

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